Elizabeth Poltawski 10112885 Infographic Submission 3

Dsmmcm1314 Elizabeth Poltawski infographic

Dsmmcm1314 elizabeth poltawski

dsmmcm1314 infographic 3 poltawski

poltawski infographic

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What are these dsmmcm1314 infographics? #dsmmcm1314

Well hello to our regular readers & hello to those who have just fallen on our blog.

Now some of you may of noticed the sudden change in content on our blog posts; so I thought i’d just leave a quick post to let you know whats going on.

As some of you may be aware we are digital and social media marketing communications management 2013-2014 students from Manchester Metropolitan University and this blog was created by a team of us as part of the course.

mmu dsmmcm1314

Now for our final assignment we were to create one big or several different infographics answering some set questions. So thats what our last few blog posts have been about but theres still one more to go so keep your beady eyes peeled.

Tomorrow is also the deadline for our google ranking competition you may of heard us speaking about in earlier posts; the whole idea of the competition was for us to learn first hand different ways and techniques to SEO, and let me tell you it has worked! I’ve tried and failed at doing numerous things to get our blog site to rank; but I think what has been the most effective tool was content and keeping our blog updated.

Over the past academic year you may of read or blog posts and the majority of them were from myself (Lizz) and Sarah who have taken a particular shine to this competition and helped each other learn new skills. So its been us who you’ve read the random blog posts from the changing of themes and well just about any experiment we could do on the blog!

Thats all for now, we will let you know how tomorrow goes so thanks for reading & have a good evening.

from dsmmcm1314 students,

Lizz & Sarah

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Nicholas Rosindale 11035932 Infographic Submission 3


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Sarah Dixon 11036755 Infographic Submission 3

This is the third submission for DSMMCM1314. It includes a segmentation exercise, positioning exercise, digital and social media marketing levers matrix and customer voyage for Student Step-Up. Sarah Dixon Student ID: 11036755





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Alexander Williams – 10060633

Alexander Williams - 10060633

DSMMCM1314 Infographic

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JEROME NDAYIRAGIJE – 11033532 #dsmmcm Infographic


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30th March by Neal Umney: 13155211 Assignment 3 Digital Marketing Campaign

First the Segmentation Analysis:

Student StepUp Segmentation Analysis

Student StepUp Segmentation Analysis

Next the Service Positioning for the selected Segment:

Positioning for Student Step Up

Positioning for Student Step Up for selected segment.

Finally the Levers and Customer Voyage:

Customer Voyage for Student StepUp

Customer Voyage for Student StepUp for conversion to signed up user

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SME’s Network – this is how twitter works for the SME Owner / Manager

I recently completed some research on how SME owner’s / manager’s used social media. Particularly the focus was on B2B,

Unsurprisingly these owners / managers are effective networkers. They meet regularly with other SME owners / managers, usually in a formal setting. For example or Business Networking International. There are a number of other organisations which help SMEs network.

What might be surprising is that consistently SMEs use twitter, not really to promote themselves, or their business, but to network. As one of the owners I talked with put it:

“I use Twitter to continue my offline relationship… online. I use it to ensure that the people I tweet are aware that I still am in business and still available for work. I tell them of opportunities they might have”

Networking, if not about selling your product or service, it is about establishing your credibility, your reliability. BNI for instance has rules about attendance at the breakfast meetings, and if you do not turn up regularly, your membership is terminated.

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End of Year Highlights #dsmmcm1314

So the end of the year is approaching meaning we will soon have to leave the comfort of university and enter the real world. This year has been stressful but we have learnt a lot, especially in regards to digital and social media marketing. This blog post will be dedicated to highlighting some of DigiMark’s favourite moments from DSMMCM1314.

The first task we were set this year was to form a group and become an ‘agency’. “Just stand up and go talk to someone” David said, which is easier said then done! But luckily after three years of the ‘introduce yourself’ exercise at the beginning of term we were all pretty accustom to saying hello to new people. So that was it, the group was formed and DigiMark was born! The first assignment was due in a couple weeks time so we decided to meet and discuss who we were and what we were going to do. One of our team managed to grab the url after the first lecture so we already were in the SEO cup game, sneaky! We designed a company logo, made a QR code and starting writing content from the word go, at that point not really knowing to what purpose but soon we found our ‘groove’ so to speak and wrote blogs surrounding digital and social media marketing of course, but also on current topical trends that proved to be very useful in driving traffic to the blog.

One of the first highlights of the year was the fireside chat from Michelle at Amaze. This informal lecture was the first of many from industry experts from around Manchester and the rest of the UK, which gave DSMMCM1314 students the opportunity to hear first had the inside knowledge from people who do this for a living, and give us the inspiration to do it ourselves. One of my personal highlights was the fireside chat from Ian, Fay and Laura talking about popular social media tools of the moment and discussing the advantages and disadvantages. Although the talk was very interesting, the main thing I gained from it was the inspiration of seeing two young women is leading positions in the digital industry. However useful it is to see an older man talk about all things digital, it was great and more relatable to see where I could possibly be in the future.

This talk followed the Mid-Term Victory DigiMark had in the SEO Cup, leading to a fun night in the pub in which I didn’t have to buy one drink! Always a bonus for poor students! It was a fun evening in which we could have a chat to both David and Brendan and to meet other teams to which we had to that point only known via the internet.

We worked hard to regularly update the blog. Some of my favourite content DigiMark created this year is:

1. The blog post written about Digital Transformation, a talk given by Richard Lucas. Check it out here.

2. The blog post written about Infographics, a talk given by Mark McGee. Check it out here.

3. The blog about 1000 Social Media Tools, read it here.

4. The blog post about Hull City, just because they are my team! Here.

5. Our post on Content Creation, read it here.

6. The post about Naked Wines. Here.

There were many more to choose from but I narrowed it down to these, mainly due to the fact that these posts got the most views and engagement from people. The following months of term involved more guest lectures and interesting debates in class. I have no doubt now that everybody is rushing to put the finishing touches to the final submission of the year. Good luck everyone!

Overall, this year and module has given us a great amount of practical knowledge that hopefully can be transferred to real situations if we get a job! DigiMark would like to thank David for all his help throughout the year.


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Don’t Panic It’s Only Mothers’ Day! #dsmmcm1314

Oh no! Did you forget again? It’s Mothers Day on Sunday!

For all you people who really need to learn how to use the calendars on your iPhones, DigiMark are here to once again help you out. We have compiled a list of superb presents to give to your loving Mothers on their special day, check it out!

1. The Story of Me and My Mum

This cute and personalised gift will be sure to melt your Mother’s heart into a gooey mess. Available from prezzybox this idea allows you to “stick your favourite photos of your favourite superwoman (Mum) on specially designed pages. You can rate mum’s cooking, how speedy she is at different tasks, and list all the things you love doing with your mum. Whether it’s dressing up, or going for a coffee – you can write down all the little things that make ‘mum-time’ special. You can even get some input from mum, and really make your book your own.”

A great gift for under £10!

2. Love You Mummy Keyring

'Love You Mummy' Keyring

This gift allows you to personalise your own key ring to remind your Mum how great she every time she gets out her keys! It is “a token inscribed with one of nine messages to carry around daily, with the option of adding one or more initial tokens to personalize this ‘love you’ key ring.”

Available from Not On The High for only £10!

3. Personalised Star of Fame

This gift will make your Mum feel like a Hollywood star with her very own Star of Fame! Available at this present is described as: “You know your loved one means more to you than Brad Pitt or Marilyn Monroe – now prove it with a personalised ‘Star of Fame’. The ‘Star of Fame Foundation’ will create a stunning framed star certificate personalised with the name of your choice and a plaque including name, date of registration and a personalised message from you.

A great gift for under £16!

Don’t forget the card!

4. Moonpig cards

Moonpig are the ultimate service for lazy forgetful people (like me!) and allow you to create your own card online and get it sent straight to your Mum wherever she is! There are a huge range of cards to choose from, an you can even get flowers sent too!

I hope you have a lovely day and make sure your Mum feels special cos’ you only get one!

from dsmmcm1314 students,

Sarah and Lizz

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